How Do I Find Humana Dental Providers?

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  • Learn how to find Humana dental providers near you and how to compare Humana Medicare plans and the dental benefits they offer. Explore what dental care some Humana Medicare plans may cover and find a plan option that works for you.

Humana Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C) plans can include dental coverage. Humana also offers standalone dental coverage for both individuals and group-sponsored plans. One of the main attractions of Humana dental insurance is the number and availability of providers that accept the coverage. 

There are more than 270,000 dentists in Humana’s network, so you may very well be likely to find a participating Humana dental provider near you.

You can learn more about Humana Medicare dental benefits and the other benefits that many Humana Medicare Advantage plans may offer by comparing plans online and exploring the providers near you who are part of the plan network.

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How Do I Find a Humana Dental Provider Near Me? 

To find a Humana dentist near you use this online tool provided by Humana to find a participating dentist in your area. Simply enter your zip code, coverage type (HMO, PPO, etc.) and plan name to find a list of dentists in your area who will accept your Humana dental insurance. 

If you do not yet have Humana dental insurance, you can still use the tool to search for Humana dentists in your area by selecting one of the plans you are considering. You may even search for dentists by name or specialty, and you can compare up to three dentists at a time. 

This helpful guide from Humana provides detailed instructions to use Humana’s dental provider search tool.

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How Do I Know What Humana Dentist Is in My Network?

It’s important to find a Humana dentist that is in the network and who accepts your Humana plan. Visiting an out-of-network dentist may result in higher copays/coinsurance or even no coverage at all for the services you receive. 

If a dental provider is listed in Humana’s online search tool referenced above, they are part of the Humana network. When you select your specific plan as a search filter, all of the dentists who appear are ones who will accept your particular plan. 

To be extra sure that a listed provider will accept your plan, you may call that dentist’s office directly to confirm. Each dental provider’s contact information is displayed in the search results. 

You may also call Humana using the telephone number on the back of your Humana dental insurance card or the company’s general contact information to verify a dentist’s plan participation.

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What Does PPO Mean for Dental Insurance?

You will see dental plans described as PPO, HMO or by other acronyms. 

  • PPO stands for “Preferred Provider Organization” and allows plan members to visit dentists that are outside of the Humana network and still receive at least some coverage (though not necessarily in all cases). 

  • An HMO, or “Health Maintenance Organization” plan, restricts members to seeing only the dentists within the plan’s network. Visiting a provider outside the network with an HMO plan will likely mean having to pay out-of-pocket for the full cost of service. 

Humana also offers a dental discount plan that provides discounted rates for various services at participating providers.  

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How Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?

Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) does not typically cover routine dental care. 

Many Medicare beneficiaries turn to Medicare Advantage plans that include dental benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans provide all of the same benefits as Original Medicare and also can cover things Original Medicare doesn't cover like dental and vision care, prescription drugs and/or gym memberships. 

The dental benefits included in a Medicare Advantage plan may vary from one plan to the next, and the cost of plan premiums, copays and coinsurance may also vary. Some plans may offer an annual or quarterly allowance for costs related to dental care, while some plans may cover specific dental services. 

Is Humana Dental Insurance Good?

Humana Medicare maintains a strong reputation for dental insurance. Many plans that include dental coverage offer 100% coverage of preventive dental care such as routine teeth cleanings.

Humana offers a variety of dental plans to offer something for everyone, and most plans feature no waiting period for coverage. Learn more about Medicare Advantage plans in your area and find out if any Humana plans are available that are accepted by your dental provider.

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